Reshetnikov Hostel

Reshetnikov Hostel
Is in the very center of Irkutsk

Reshetnikov Hostel

Traveling should not be expensive, only  450 RUB / per night
Comfort at home

Bar and cafe nearby

All in the best traditions of hospitality

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8 Bed Mixed Dorm

450₽/per night

Siberian animal that is as strong and fierce as a lion…
It rarely appears in South Siberia…

“Bolshaya Street”
6 Bed Dorm for Women

500₽/per night

Irkutsk Council decided to destroy the remains of palisade and ditch to build new street that was called “Bolshaya Street”.


6 Bed Dorm for Men

500₽/per night

The unique Baikal fish that is almost transparent and live-bearing.

and common area


We designed our hostel using local newspapers and photos of Czarist-era. In our cozy kitchen, you can have some tea or make a nice dinner.


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Our guest, Korean traveler Young Mi Kim, traveled across the frozen Lake Baikal by foot alone in March 2017. Her friends Kim Young Sun and Kim Kan Gun are documentary filmmakers who work on a project called "Baikal 700 km". Our hostel was filmed too and we are proud that we had such interesting people here. “The Baikal Lake was amazing! Actually....


Young Me Kim

Adventurer and traveler

It was never interesting for Lars Turner, to walk on standard tourist routes. -When I vist a new city I try to visit the most ordinary remote areas, to see where and how people really live,to take a ride on public transport and dine wherever local residents usually dine? - says Lars. - I have visited a few places unusual for other tour....


Lars Turner

Traveler from Germany

- My name is Daniel,I came here from Argentina. Unlike most tourists,I`ve thoroughly prepared for my journey by studying Russia`s history and culture. And yet upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised by russian people and culture. Impressions from the first trip were awesome and I hope I`ll visit Russia again...



Traveler from Argentina

If I`ll ever go back to Irkutsk,I will definitely come back here. I have chosen "Reshetnikov Hostel" for it`s atmosphere,which I liked since I have seen the photos of that place. Kindly and communicative managers,a comfortable room ( I was lucky and I was alone in a four-bedded room for two weeks), a handly kitchen...


Svetlana Gracheva

Traveler from Novosibirsk

비수기인 1월에 가서 그런지 사람이 없어 2명이서 6인도미토리를 사용했습니다. 직원분께서 영어가 되어 편합니다. 딱히 없다.

Pamanaro // Booking 10,0

2018-01-11, Booking No. 1646221493
Traveler from Korea

호스텔에 머물동안 조릭과 친구들은 최고얐다!! 음...딱히! 영어가 조릭이랑 니콜라이박에 안됨 ㅠㅠ

Minki // Booking 10,0

2017-11-24, Booking No. 1974315146
Traveler from Korea

Feel like home.
its the best hostel i've ever been lately. its comfortable, nice, sweet home's atmosphere and coffe mashine)
what could have been better? ... yes! What can be better! free- motobike and the Baikal view from my room.

Katerina // Booking 10,0

2017-11-12, Booking No. 1313507464
Traveler from Russia

Sehr gut für den Urlaub.
Kommunikation ist wunderbar und das Bett ist sehr frisch!
man kann kein Bier trinken(

Zarina // Booking 10,0

2017-11-04, Booking No. 1930366292
Traveler from Russia

free and easy climate, nice guests
all okay )

Ann // Booking 10,0

2017-11-03, Booking No. 1407644571
Traveler from Russia

位置離Central Market只有十分鐘路程,交通方便,室內亦有設施可供煮食,性價比不錯

Anonymous // Booking 9,2

Traveler from China

Very friendly English speaking staff.

Anonymous // Booking 9,6

Traveler and adventurer

Bueno y barato! Buen hotel: camas cómodas, buenos lockers, buena atención, bien ubicado, buenos baños. Es una pequeñez, pero el espacio común era muy pequeño.

Javier // Booking 10,0

2017-07-31, Booking No. 2000756142
Traveler from Argentina


Reshetnikov Hostel is situated in the old private residence that was built in 1899 by a merchant Pyotr Reshetnikov (hence the name). The building is located in the historical center of our city. We designed our hostel using local newspapers and photos of Czarist-era. Every room here is unique and tells its own story. For example, staying in “Babr” room you get to learn how architectural landmarks looked in the 19th century and how they look now. In “Golomyanka” room, you become familiar with different Baikal inhabitants; and in “Ivanishin” room, you get to know about famous people of Irkutsk. Let us tell you the history of Irkutsk and you will fall in love with our city.

Kitchen, breakfast, tea, coffee

We offer Breakfast. Our cozy and bright kitchen is the perfect place. Make yourself at home and enjoy your meal.

We have slippers and toiletry

We know what it is like to be far away from home, you can forget necessary stuff. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget. Slippers and toiletry are here for you.

Organization of tours and transfer

Get unforgettable sensations from the rest, tours and excursions to the most interesting and beautiful places of Lake Baikal.

Restaurant and bar

Next to us is a bar where you can share your impressions, find new friends and discuss plans for recreation.